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10 Jalan Kukoh #01-57 Singapore 162010

About Abeltec International Pte Ltd
Abeltec International Pte Ltd is a leading provider of video surveillance products, technologies and solutions for the Asian markets. The company was founded in 1991, with the vision that technology would alter the way both people are protected. That technically advanced video surveillance equipment, working continuously around the clock, would become the most cost effective means of monitoring and protecting people and assets.

Comprehensive products offering diverse surveillance applications

Abeltec International Pte Ltd Company offers a wide product range providing solutions to every imaging and surveillance problem. We focus on delivering high picture quality for use by law enforcement, defense, industrial, commercial, and residential environment.

Individual design requirements

A combination of our excellent working relationship with our business partners, the customers, and our ability to bring design expertise to any imaging and surveillance problem, means we are able to enhance our ability to meet end users’ individual surveillance requirements.
Quality recognized to a national standard

Abeltec International is accredited with ISO 9001 for the design, sales, installation, maintenance and support of video surveillance systems and distribution of video surveillance equipment. Continuous non-stop operations are the norm for our equipment and system. Uninterrupted testing is in our culture, ensuring that our products meet the highest standard of reliability.

Committed customer service

Our philosophy is firmly rooted on providing our customer with the best possible service. Through technical support, meeting design requirements, a friendly sales support team, an effective service department, Abeltec International never cease to deliver.

Vision for the future

Today, Abeltec International continues to build on the popularity and demand for the digital security based products. With an unfaltering focus on market’s requirements, backed by extensive channel strategy, Abeltec International remains at the forefront of the video surveillance industry.

Our Mission

To continually improve our position as the preferred video surveillance supplier, by delivering quality products and services at the optimum cost.

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