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705 Sims Drive #03-14 Shun Li Industrial Complex Singapore 387384

About Achromatic Multimedia Pte Ltd
Achromatic is the answer to your multimedia needs! Achromatic recognises that every business is unique and provides a ONE-STOP solution that allows you to create the multimedia environment that meets just what your company/business needs.
Achromatic provides a full range of services:
  • Analysing
  • Designing
  • Solution Providing
  • Systems Integration
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Rental

As a market leader, Achromatic have been an audio-visual.multimedia equipment provider abd systems integrator for various companies and businesses:
  • Education: Training Rooms, Classroom, Auditorium, Lecture Theatres
  • Commercials: Corporate Headquarters, Metting Room, Conference Room, Boardroom
  • Entertainment/Commercial: Pubs, hotel ballrooms
  • Others: Temples, Churches

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