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3016 Bedok North Avenue 4 #08-08 Eastech Singapore 489947

About Adtec Enterprise Pte Ltd
Adtec Enterprise Pte Ltd provides a comprehensive range of materials & electronics supplies and unwavering commitment to total quality that not only satisfy customers but also customers' customers, Adtec Enterprise Pte Ltd continually strives to provide innovative and high technological products at competitive rates to help customers stay competitive in the dynamic market environment.

Our aim is to achieve commercial success by consistently providing products and services that meet customers' requirements.

We also position ourselves as a one-stop service and products provider in the industrial supplies industry by building on our core competencies and capabilities to provide the new products and services that customers source for.

Thus, through continual interaction with our customers since our incorporation in 1996, we have expanded our range of products. We envision ourselves to be one of the major suppliers in the region.

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