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1003 Bukit Merah Central #01-06 Technopreneur Centre Singapore 159836

About Anergy Building Services Pte Ltd
Anergy Building Services Pte Ltd has a range of services:

  • Multi-Level Office Complexes - General cleaning. Provision of toilet requisites, high-rise window cleaning, rubbish removal and office cleaning.
  • Factories - General cleaning. Dust control maintenance, 24 hours maintenance of toilets and essential services. Cleaning of plant and equipment and removal of debris.
  • Hotels - Marble floor maintenance, toilet descaling, high-rise glass cleaning, chandelier cleaning and carpet maintenance program for restaurants and heavy traffic areas.
  • Kitchen Cleaning - Generally a specialised service catered by us. Removing of carbonised stains on grills, pots and pans. Degreasing of oil build-up in exhaust fans and grills. Disinfecting floors and work tables. Flushing of walls and grouting.
  • Shopping Centre - General cleaning. Provision of toilet attendant, glass cleaning, rubbish removal, toilet cleaning, marble floor maintenance.
  • Supermarket Maintenance - Stringent quality standards are provided for these areas because of the nature of its business. Cleanliness in supermarkets gives confidence to shoppers.
  • Computer Rooms - Using multi-filter vacuum cleaners and non-metallic polish to maintain the suspended floor is a must. 
  • House Cleaning - A useful service for those who want professional care in handling furniture and antiques while doing spring cleaning. 
  • Residential Estate Cleaning - Scheduled daily & periodic cleaning works together with our permanent team of cleaners results in a good cleaning standard and sense of security to the estate. 
  • Renovations - A service provided for residential, commercial and industrial properties, eg., homes, offices, factories etc. 
  • Horticulture Services - A service that includes grass-cutting, tree pruning and general maintenance of landscape areas.
  • Waste Disposal & Pest Control - Our relationship with our waste disposal & pest control professionals adds to our ability to provide you with an integrated service package to enjoy economies of scale.
  • Handyman Services - An essential service that everyone requires and yet do not wish to be paying a substantial amount for very minor facility improvement.

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