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25 Pandan Crescent #01-10 Tic Tech Centre Singapore 128477

About Bauer Compressors Asia Pte Ltd
BAUER COMPRESSORS Asia is located in Central Singapore, and was established in 1995. The premises have impressive office and workshop facilities for the growing demands of the business. BAUER COMPRESSORS Asia has enabled the BAUER Group to increase their presence, and show their commitment to the existing and potential customer base in Asia.

It has also allowed BAUER to develop and support an increasing sales and distribution network.

BAUER COMPRESSORS Asia sells and supports products from a wide range of BAUER Products, including all Breathing Air and Industrial compressors and ancillary equipment, Gas Assist Technology for the plastics industry, and the Ecotec products.

Product marketing in the form of advertising and exhibitions is also managed by BAUER COMPRESSORS Asia with the support of the distributors.

Technical sales and service support for distributors and customers is available for each of the above sectors.

BAUER COMPRESSORS Asia also provides regular service training on all products for new and existing distributors at our facility in Singapore.

A comprehensive stock of new compressors, ancillaries and spare parts are maintained to enable us to provide the fastest possible delivery times.

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