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BSK Membrane Pte. Ltd.

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No.21, Woodlands Terrace Singapore 738446

About BSK Membrane Pte. Ltd.
BSK Membrane Pte Ltd was formed in end 2007. Our team has accumulated more than 10 years experience in design, engineering, fabrication and construction in the specialized field of tensile membrane structures.

The firm has its factory in Shanghai, China to well fabricate all tensile membrane structures. The organization recognizes that the provision of superior products, being able to better meet customer needs and providing superior service is dependent.

The company has focused on the design, fabrication and installation of a complete range of tension structures for commercial, government and domestic projects. The structures range in size from the collapsible commercial umbrella type structures, through standard permanent wind rated modular designs up to various types of large one off sophisticated design structures for shopping centers, resorts and large amphitheatres.

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