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Curry Times

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3 Gateway Drive #02-08 Westgate Singapore 608532
Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday, 10.00am - 10.00pm

About Curry Times
Curry Times is a new dine-in concept, specializing in curry dishes, set in a nostalgic setting that reminisce the glorious days of home-cooked Mama's curry.  Much research and developmental work has been put in to capture the flavoursome curry that many Singaporeans love, enjoy at home and always a feature during family gatherings. Following a traditional recipe but lovingly tweaked to cater to increasingly health conscious Singaporeans, Curry Times' signature curry dishes are made with fresh ingredients and contain no coconut milk.  A wide repertoire of signature dishes include Dry Curry, Curry Chicken Ramen, Traditional Curry Chicken, the all-time favourite Curry Fish Head and even a freshly made Curry Bun, baked on demand in the restaurant.

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