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29 Tessensohn Road Singapore 217654

About Elite Machinery Pte Ltd
ELITE MACHINERY PTE LTD is a leading supplier of all major international brands with the most comprehensive ranges of Linear Motion Systems and bearings. Since established in 1987, we have been rapidly recognized as a leader in its field with the reputation for extensive practical experience and expertise. We are proud to be the representative of many well-known Linear Motion Systems and bearings manufacturers such as THK, NB, THOMSON, LNT, TOK, NTN, NMB, RMB, NSK, ASAHI, EZO and many more. Our full and comprehensive product range is entirely geared towards the exacting technological and cost-effective requirements of the latest state-of-the-art automated production lines. ELITE MACHINERY PTE LTD recognizes the importance of environmental conservation and we carry a wide range of plastic bearings, anti-acid bearings, anti-alkaline bearings as well as anti-corrosion bearings to meet the requirements of customers in their 'Green' efforts in conserving the environment.

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