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20 Bukit Batok Crescent #05-05 ENTERPRISE CENTRE Singapore 658080

About Eureka Control Systems Pte Ltd
Eureka provides specialized engineering services in the instrumentation and automation fields. We design, supply, calibrate, test, install and commission controls systems for pumps, generators, alarms, valves, discharge monitoring, fuel systems and other applications. Our major brands include Seres, Noris TachometerWerk, Schaller Automation, Nivelco, Trafag and Motherwell. Typical applications include engine remote control systems, navigational systems, inert gas system & O2 analyzer, oil discharge monitoring systems, hydraulic control systems, tank alarm systems, fire alarm systems, fule oil viscosity control systems, transmitter control & control valves, level, pressure & temperature controls, alarm monitoring systems, generator and switchboard controls, gauges, indicators & tachometers, cargo pump control systems, boiler & feedwater control systems, and impressed current cathode protection systems

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