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Family Resource & Training Centre

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324 Clementi Avenue 5 #01-209 Singapore 120324

About Family Resource & Training Centre

SASW has a training academy, known as FRTC. The services provided through FRTC include:

  • Personal counseling will be provided to practitioners and members of the SASW on a reduced fee basis.
  • Family and individual counseling will be provided to members of the public on a full fee paying basis.
  • Management and programme consultancy is available to the management and staff of VWOs. These would include the following areas:
- Team building
- Project planning and evaluation

Coaching and mentoring
  • Executive coaching and mentoring is available for social service sector staff by team of volunteers who are senior practitioners in the field.
  • Executive coaching and support for Work/Life balance issues is also available to commercial industries
Clinical Supervision
  • Supervision is available for social work and counseling practitioners or trainees
Competency Training
  • Various training for professional and personal development will be planned. These will be conducted by trained and qualified practitioners.
  • The target group will be aimed at practitioners in the field.
Certification for PREPARE/ENRICH
  • PREPARE/ENRICH is a inventory for working with couples. FRTC will provide accreditation training of administrators of these tools as well as provide support for the processing of these inventories.

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