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23 Tanjong Kling Road Singapore 628049

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Hup Eng Tat Enterprises is an approved general and toxic industrial waste collector, and a licensed operator of hazardous waste disposal with facilities approved by the NEA, Ministry Of Environment, Singapore. We have more than 20 years of experience. We specialize in process engineering; waste analysis and minimization; regeneration & reutilization program; storage, transportation, emergency & hazard management; disposal method, documentation, legal compliance, and other waste related management strategies. We operate ISO and vacuum tankers, hook-lifts, lorries and cranes for collection and transportation of industrial waste. One stop Marpol waste reception centre, dedicated slops tankers and sludge barge for de-slopping, tank cleaning, and sludge removal operation at anchorages and wharf. We provide maintenance of oil interceptors, oil sumps, and grease traps; rental of tanks for temporary storage of oil, petroleum and chemicals; and incineration service for toxic and hazardous substances.

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