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6 Commonwealth Lane #01-01 GMTI Building Singapore 149547

About LanWorks Pte Ltd
LANWorks was established in 1991 with the founding vision of providing best-of-breed IT services and business solutions that enable businesses to gain from the adoption of information technology.
Over the years, we have helped many businesses deliver significant improvements in productivity through the effective use of business solutions and information technology including, ERP and other business solutions; smarter use of network IT infrastructure, as well as cost effective supply of the many items that make up the world of information technology.
We help our customers to piece together business-IT needs and address their key concerns through our highly qualified and experienced engineers and consultants.
We have demonstrated a high level of commitment and implementation capability, covering the full spectrum of IT; thereby giving our customers a true choice of options that are best suited for their business needs.
Our systems development team is also certified with the Microsoft ISV/Software Solutions Competency to develop customised software solutions, where standard off-the-shelf solutions are found lacking.
In short, LANWorks has the skills, resources and methodologies to give our customers the advantages that best-of-breed IT solutions offer.

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