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11 Mosque Street 03-01 Singapore 059491

About MEG Design Consultants Pte. Ltd
MEG Design Consultants is an interior-architecture firm that provides consultation, renovation, construction services to clients from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

The company was established in Singapore in 2003, and incorporated into a private limited company in 2005. Our portfolio includes a wide range of design projects customized for each client.

Our objective is to meet client’s needs. Therefore, it is a crucial stage in our design strategy to know client’s specific requirements, business nature, and culture. We regard good design as a successful integration of client’s requirements in terms of function, quality, aesthetic, budget, and timetable.

In MEG Design Consultants, we understand, we conceptualize, we visualize, we design, we construct, and we deliver. The result is a creative, innovative and practical client environment.

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