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50 Tagore Lane #B1-07 MARKONO DISTRICENTRE Singapore 787494

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MIC PLASTICS is a wholesaler and distributor for a wide range of packaging and disposable products for the industrial, medical and catering sectors. MIC PLASTICS is a market leader and our business is attributed to quality products, innovative solutions, competitive price, excellent customer service and business integrity. Our quality products ensure that customers' stringent requirements (eg hygiene standards, product stability at high temperature, limiting of dust particles etc) are fully met without compromise. Innovative solutions allow customisation of products with client's company logo & preferred designs to project a corporate image. Competitive pricing means our customers get the best value for their products. Excellent customer service is second to none as evident by our excellent warehouse facilities & highly efficient delivery capabilities. Business integrity gives our customers the assurance that MIC Plastics always delivers more than what we promise our customers.

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