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3791 Jalan Bukit Merah #03-04 E-centre@redhill Singapore 159471

About Microbit Information Systems Pte Ltd
Microbit Information Systems Pte Ltd (MIS) is 
professionally managed by a core group of visionaries and technologists with decades of industry experience between them and backed by a team of trained professionals at all levels of operations. Perfection is a way of life at MIS. The organization has grown from a small beginning in 1993, to become a company of international repute for reliability. MIS has transformed from an ACCPAC Reseller to a company providing total IT  solutions to companies in Singapore and the Asia region. MIS provides hardware maintenance, networking, software and consulting services. 

We have a large customer base, which spreads across Singapore, South East Asia and East Asia. This illustrates MIS is able to offer overseas support to customers who have regional operations. We also have several listed companies as customers, as shown in our track record. 

We are the authorized ACCPAC Business Partner and Certified Consultant  by ACCPAC International.
We are the founding member of the MIS Global Alliance Network whose members are spread across the Asia Region. 

Operating from a modern, purpose built premises located in the heart of Singapore. MIS today boasts of a state-of-the-art development facility, also has extensive communication networking facilities.

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