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277 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437060

About Sin Aik Hardware (Pte) Ltd
Sin Aik was established in 1975, Sin and the principal activities are importing, exporting and wholesale of high quality heavy hardware for local and overseas hardware retail companies and outlets. 

The features of our latest products are:
  • ZAM is characterized as the "the fourth type of hot dip coated steel sheet" following <1> Zinc Type, <2> Aluminum Type, and <3> Zinc-Aluminum Type. Plating Layer: A fine three-dimensional eutectic structure of Zn/Al/Zn2Mg. Corrosion Resistance: Exhibits high corrosion resistance on the flat parts, bent parts, cut end-face parts, and welded parts. On cut end-face parts in particular, the fine Mg-containing Zn protective film provides long-lasting corrosion resistance. Fields Of Application: Replacement for existing hot dip coating, replacement for after-coating, eliminates subsequent painting, replacement for stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance - The corrosion resistance is 10 to 20 times that of galvanization and 5 to 8 times that of zinc-5% aluminum coating.
  • Superior Scratch Resistance - It has scratch resistance that is better than that of ordinary hot dip galvanized steel sheet.
  • Can Replace After-Coating - Being able to withstand applications in severely corrosive environments, it can be used as a replacement for hot dip galvanized steel allowing the customer to omit manufacturing steps.
  • A product that is gentle on the environment for resource conservation - This is expected to be developed as a product that is gentle on the environment for resource conservation, meeting the needs of "longer useful lifetime" and "high corrosion resistance with a small coating weight."

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