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About Site Concepts International Pte Ltd
Site Concepts International (SCI) established a reputation for high quality professional planning and design. It provides services throughout Asia. SCI was formed in 1991 in response to the growing regional demand for professional services in landscape architecture and land use planning. SCI is widely accepted by land developers and architects due to our ability to provide diverse and unique design solution, powerful graphic presentation, detailed tender documentation and responsive, resourceful solutions during project implementation. One of SCI's principals or a key design team member will always remain intimately involved in the day to day decision making process regardless of the size of the project or phase of realization.

With active projects in eight countries, SCI insists on sending design team members to each specific project location to investigate the site's opportunities and constraints, as well as to explore locally available materials and artifacts.

This procedure has resulted in time and cost saving solutions to our clients. These projects' specific techniques as well as sensitivity to the existing environment have set SCI in a position of industry leadership.

Mark S. Mahan, principal of the company, has practiced landscape architecture for more than two decades, committing 15 years to international projects. He has provided professional services in many climatic zones and for a wide range of projects including Environmental planning, Master planning, Commercial, Urban, Resort and Residential development. Prior to joining Site Concepts International in 1991, Mr. Mahan was employed in the Irvine office of Peridian Inc. He was later assigned to the Singapore office of Peridian Inc. as General Manager and Director.

In the International arena, Mr. Mahan has been employed with the Urban-Rural Development Company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Orient Irrigation in Dubai, UAE, where as the principal landscape architect, he was responsible for providing full range of services on commercial, residential and Government projects.

Prior to his International experience Mr. Mahan has previously been with the United States Forest Service, in Eugene Oregon, USA, where he worked on Scenic Corridor Planning.


Site Concepts International's team of professionals is experienced and dedicated in providing wide range of landscape design and planning services over diverse geographical regions. Site Concepts team includes landscape architects, planners, horticulturists and site construction personnel.

The broad range of specialists provide a holistic approach to our projects, allowing Site Concepts to direct a project from initial assessment and feasibility studies to detailed planning and landscape architecture, and eventually through the maintenance reviews required to adequately ensure the success of every project.

These services are tailored to each client's requirements, as well as to the needs of their individual project, to produce a project specific statement for each commission.

  • Site Assessment and Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Master Planning and Site Analysis
  • Detailed Resort and Community Planning
  • Cost Analysis and Budgeting
  • Environmental Management Programs and Scenic Corridor Evaluation
  • Landscape Architecture, Concept Design and Design Development
  • Irrigation Analysis Planning and Hydraulic Design
  • Tender Documentation and Site Observation
  • Maintenance Programs and Reviews

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