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52 Horne Road #01-04 Singapore 209071
91 Geylang Bahru #01-2808 Singapore 339699
629 Aljunied Road #01-02 CITITECH INDUSTRIAL BUILDING Singapore 389838
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About Teck Huat Hardware (Pte) Ltd
As a pioneer in the industry with over 50 years of experience, along with reliability, quality & efficiency, we have remained our customers' preferred One-Stop Solutions Provider stocking the most comprehensive range of Industrial Marine, Engineering, Electronics & Hardware products to meet your diverse needs & ensure that your operations remain ship-shape. With our extensive in-house engineering facilities, we can modify or customize products to suit your specifications & needs. We will continue to provide solutions that incorporate frontier technologies to enhance customer operations & contribute to the growth of the marine, ship building & other major industries. Our brands are MIYOSHI, BAKELAQUE, EJMA, JORD, SANYU, BESCO, FLOCAST, FB PACKING. Our products: bronze, brass, cast iron, door clips, bellows, expansion joints, universal joints, fittings, air vents, valves, strainers, linings, packings, couplings, fibre glasses, felts, phenolic, lignum vitae & plastics.

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