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42 Sungei Kadut Loop Singapore 729474

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Established in 1992, West-Street Impex started as a paper trading company. Today we have diversified into a full service ecatalog provider, offering warehousing, freight forwarding, transportation and customs We supply multi-purpose paper, copier paper, laser printing paper, fax rolls, thermal rolls, cash register rolls and computer forms. West-Street Impex distributes islandwide - to retailers, offices, schools and hotels. We are the sole distributor for Double A, and we also carry the Paperone, Golden Star Ex-White, IK Copy, Canon and SFI brands. As we are strong in ecatalog as well as paper import/export, wholesaling and distribution, clients have engaged our services to import, store and deliver paper to them whenever they need them, in a timely manner. This ability to value add to our basic role as a paper provider, greatly enhances our service level to our clients.

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