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1 Joo Koon Way Singapore 628942

About Winston Engineering Corporation (Pte) Ltd
Established in 1977, Winston Engineerring has developed into a South East Asia leading pump specialist company with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & China. Our long standing appointment as sole distributors of many world leading pumps brands such as Wilden Pumps - USA, DAB- Italy, Varisco - Italy, Koshin - Japan, March - USA & Flux - Germany are just some of our outstanding achievements. With fast emerging Asian markets, we continue to consolidate our strengths with a blend of western & eastern management practices to ensure a higher level of customer service, customer understanding & customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced sales persons, qualified engineers & skilled technicians provides expertise in selecting, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining or upgrading your liquid processes & systems. Our computerized inventory control system ensures sufficient stocking to support all users & our warehousing facilities in Singapore, Malaysia & China guarantee timely delivery.

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