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15 Bah Soon Pah Road Singapore 769962

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One of the main plant and landscape material supplies / wholesalers in Singapore. Our nursery provides a wide range of plants (trees, pines, climbers, ferns, cacti, shrubs, fruit trees and water plants, etc). We provide plants cyclopedia, poster & catalogue. We also provide rock, garden stone pebble, lantern & animal figurines for landscaping purposes Other product & Services also include Typhonodorum Lindleyanum, Tree Aloe, Musa Variegata, Bonsai, Adenium, Cactus, Coleus, Water Plants - Victoria Lily, Heliconia, Water Plants Section, Balinese Stone Carving, Fountains, Fibre Tank, Balinese Stone Paras Stone, Pebble, Garden Rocks, Balinese Lantern & Volcanic Stone, Pool's side Garden, Plant Display, Rock's Garden, Cactus Garden, Waterfall, Koi Pond, Landscaping Balinese style as wells as wide variety of pots like non glazen pot, Malay's pot, cotta pots, Australian cotta pot, China's pot, pot section, Malaysia's glazed jar, Indonesia pot section, Thailand pots & plastic pot section.

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