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16 Loyang Street Singapore 508847

About Yuen Mai Glass Merchant Pte Ltd
Yuen Mai Glass Merchant was established since 1969, mainly supplying of mirrors and glasses to the furniture industry. In 1980s, it started to provide installation services for glasses and mirrors products in the construction & building industries. 

Since then, the company's activities were divided into 2 areas. Firstly, supplying and exporting of mirrors / glasses to local & overseas furniture manufacturers. The company invested heavily in automated machines so that all glass work and edging processes can be done in-house. Workers are trained and skills are upgraded so as to enable them to handle all these advance machines. Secondly, we provide installation services to our customers who are in the construction and interior design industry. Our list of completed projects have shown that we are capable of handling various types of glazing works and we have done well in this aspect. The company believes in satisfying the customer's requirements and providing quality work. At such, our customers ranges from the construction and builders, interior designers & contractors as well as the service industries such as hoteliers.

Lastly, the company is aware that customers are now more active in their purchasing therefore pricing must be competitive and quality of products and services must be of the best in order to attract customers. And we sincerely think that we are capable of achieving it.

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