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01 Nov 2018-10:47:10

Hai Tran

Dear Sir/madam

We are Chien Thang Trading & Service Co.,Ltd, located in Center of coastal-lined Vung Tau City S.R of Vietnam.

We specialize in importing marine material and spare parts that mainly supply for companies in the field of oil and gas.

Please help me quote Urgent below:

NO. NAME OF GOODS PN Manufacturer Unit Quantity
10.SANITARY+ POTABLE PRESURE PUMP. MAKER: ALLWEILER. ALLWEILER L32/2. PUMP Serial number: 10014832 & 10014833; TANK Serial number: SG1823152B
85 Diffuser (set), PN:171.0I - cầu chì -171.01 ALLWEILER SET 2
86 Shaft, PN:210.01 - Trục -210.01 ALLWEILER EA 1
87 Key, PN:940.01 - Then -940.01 ALLWEILER EA 2
88 Groove ball bearing, PN:321.01 - ỏ lăn -321.01 ALLWEILER EA 2
89 Groove ball bearing, PN:321.02 - ô lăn -321.02 ALLWEILER EA 2
90 Shaft sleeve , PN:523.01 - Vòng -523.01 ALLWEILER EA 2
91 Spacer sleeve, PN-.525.01 - Vòng -525.01 ALLWEILER EA 2
92 Impeller, PN:230.01 - Bánh công tác -230.01 ALLWEILER EA 2
93 Mechanical seal, rotating part, PN:433.01 - Gioăng -433.01 ALL WEILER EA 8
94 Falk wrapflex coupling, PN:RI0 -Khớp nối -RIO ALLWEILER EA 2
95 O-ring, PN:412.04 - Gioăng -412.04 ALLWEILER EA 6

The end-user require the

* Certificate of Origin (C/O) issued by competent of the state of manufacture or exporting countries is original for all goods and Certificate of Quality/Quantity (CQ) or Test certificates of the manufacture is original for all goods

Certificate of quarantee issued by Seller of the quality of products is original for all goods
Your quotation should be enclosed with full technical data/catalogue/drawing/estimated total weight…
Origin: EU/G7/ASIA
Maker name, country of origin, model must be clearly stated in your quote.
The Goods are Brand new 100%, Year of Manufacturer from 2017 to now

Thank & Best Regards

Tran Thi Minh Hai (Ms)
Procurement Officer


Adr: 480 Thong Nhat Str, W8, Vung Tau City, Viet Nam

Tel : (+84)64. 3812297; 6250070

Fax : (+84)64. 3812296

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