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8 Tuas Avenue 13 Singapore 638980

About Access Systems Technology Pte Ltd
Access Systems Technology Pte Ltd was established in 1983 as a trading firm for Heavy Equipment and Construction materials. In 1999, due to the Economic crisis, the company took the opportunity to expand its core business by investing 50 units of Swedish made Alimak New Generation Passenger and Material Hoists, i.e. C20 type equipment. Today it owns one of the largest rental fleet of more than 80 units, models including:
  • CH10/24 (1000kg), 
  • CH14/30 (1400kg), 
  • CH20/30 (2000kg), 
  • Scando20/30 (2000kg) and bigger capacity.
By end 2001, due to the further deterioration of the economy, the company sees another opportunity to increase its presence by buying over all the operating Tower Cranes from Econ Equipment Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Econ International Ltd. This include employing most of its technical staffs. In 2002 and 2003, the company also bought over more Tower Cranes from the Leasing Company and overseas contractors. Today the company owns the biggest Rental fleet of Comansa Tower Cranes in Singapore and is also one of the biggest players in the market place. It owns more than 60 Tower Cranes. Brand names include Comansa, Comedil, Potain, Wolff, etc.

With the other two sister companies in Malaysia and Indonesia, it has a total fleet of more than 120 tower cranes.

The company's objective is to be one of the active leading players in the region by providing its customers a high quality service for its rental, sales and trading business through its quality people and good management.

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