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135 Pioneer Road Singapore 639589

About AnnAik Limited
AnnAik Limited was incorporated in Singapore in 1977 and commenced operations as a stockist and distributor of general hardware products with a staff size of three in a rented shophouse.

In 1980s, AnnAik began to specialize in the sale and distribution of stainless steel products.  

In 1989, the Company was appointed as an exclusive distributor of stainless steel butt-weld pipe fittings by a Japanese manufacturer. The Company also distributes and sells other stainless steel piping products, such as pipes, flanges, valves and fittings.  Currently, the Company has approximately 10,000 different items stored in its Singapore warehouse to enables it to be one-stop supply centre for customers sourcing for stainless steel piping products.

In 2003, AnnAik Limited was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.  

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