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11 Gul Ave Singapore 629655

About Chye Hin Hardware Pte Ltd
Chye Hin Hardware (Pte) Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 1977. However, it's history can be traced all the way back to the late 1940 known as Chye Hin & Company. During the past half a century, Chye Hin Hardware (Pte) Ltd has grown steadily from its humble beginnings as a small hardware shop operating a warehouse space of 400 square meter, to a leading independently-owned industrial marketing organisation with more than 14,000 square meter of facilities in Jurong - The Industrial Heartland of Singapore.

Today, Chye Hin Hardware (Pte) Ltd is justifiably proud to be able to call itself one of the largest stockists for structural and mild steel products in Singapore. It has kept a constant stock level of 70,000 to 80,000 tonnes of steel to satisfy the customers need both locally and in the Asia pacific region.

The company supplies all types of contracts, from small quantities required on site immediately, to total project supply, providing thousands of tonnes over the duration of a contract supplying all the steel requirements. The turnover of the company has grown steadily from less that of 10 million in FY 1986 to more than 60 million in FY 1999.

Chye Hin's success is based on hard work and dedication to the pursuit of excellence and customers?satisfaction. Chye Hin is now a specialist, a one-stop procurement centre, and a centre for solutions where steel is concerned.

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