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143 Tuas View Square WESTLINK TECHPARK Singapore 637748

About Con-Lash Supplies Pte Ltd
Con-Lash Supplies is a the leading suppliers to provide lashing materials for container vessels, cargo carriers, oil tankers and new-built vessels in Singapore. Established since 1986, Con-Lash has developed a worldwide network to all the major ports, which allows fast and efficient movement of stocks and ship operation. At Con-Lash, we forge ahead of the competition by working harder, faster and smarter. We keep hiring and grooming the best people in the business, with accompanying upgrading of facilities. Our offices, workshops and warehouses are linked together by a computerized network, which facilitates our customer service operation and inventory management. We pride ourselves on our competitive rates and professional expertises in helping customers to achieve quicker vessel turnaround - for less costs and more savings.

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