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7 Gul Avenue Singapore 629651

About Gaylin International Pte Ltd
Gaylin International Pte Ltd is one of the leaders in the steel wire rope, rigging gears and ship chandling business for more than 30 years. We have grown from a small business in a 500 sq ft office with only five employees to our present location boasting 24,500 sq mtrs with 100 employees. Times have certainly changed and over the years we have built up a reputation as a leader in the provision of products and services in the offshore oil and gas industry, shipping industry and construction sector.

Gaylin International manufactures, stocks and supplies a wide range of products like wire ropes and fittings, cable laid heavy lifting slings and grommets, high performance ropes, chains and anchors etc.

The company’s long term vision is to be a world-class innovative and creative organization driven by effective leadership and workforce to provide value added services that constantly meet and exceed customer needs and expectations in the global niche markets. We are focused upon ensuring that we are an efficient supplier of the highest quality products and services. Such was our dedication to meeting our customers’ demands and expectations towards quality excellence that Gaylin International achieved ISO 9001:2008.

At Gaylin International Pte Ltd, we seek to exceed your expectations.

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