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1 Rochor Canal Road #03-83 Sim Lim Square Singapore 188504

About Hung Brothers Electrical Trading
Hung Brothers Electrical Trading was registered in Singapore on 17 October 1995 as a partnership of the brothers. 

The business commenced on 1 November the same year at 1 Rochor Canal Road #03-83 Sim Lim Square Singapore 188504, specialize in selling home use electrical equipment like television, HiFi set, home theatre system, karaoke system and related accessories such as microphones and headphones products. 

The local and overseas consumer market form the major customer while business from the commercial and local institution market are increasing. Being competitive in price and able to provide the quality service to customers, the company is expanding her business rapidly in the local institution market. 

In July 1996, for the first time, the company participated in the Professional Audio and Light Asia Exhibition, PALA '96. Being invited by the Germany supplier, Sennheiser Electronics, the company further exhibits in subsequent PALA and Music Asia Exhibitions. 

In August 1999, the company decided to launch her homepage on the internet so as to provide better services to customers by updating them with the latest products available in the company. 

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