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5028 Ang Mo Kio Inustrial Park 2 #01-185 Singapore 569531

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JianSen Engineering Pte Ltd is an integrated M&E solutions company. We are registered with The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd and classified under the heading of ME01 for Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation Works with SLOTS (Singapore List Of Trade Subcontractors). JianSen is established with the main objective of delivering top quality Engineering works which includes the alteration of existing system to fulfill customer’s special requirements, Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation Ductings, Ductwork and Kitchen Hood Fabrication, M&E Retrofitting, A&A, Fitting-Out & Machine Hook-Up Works, Chilled & Condenser Water Piping System, ACMV, BMS & PLC Electrical Controls System, Design & Installation Of Central Air Conditioning System, Duct & Pipe Insulation Works, Fire Rated Ducts and Ceiling & Partition Works. Our services do not stop here as we also take pride to meet your best business needs by having a group of proficient specialists to answer all your enquiries.

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