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Measurement & Metrology (S) Pte Ltd

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32 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #02-07 Sing Industrial Complex Singapore 569510

About Measurement & Metrology (S) Pte Ltd
Measurement & Metrology (S) Pte Ltd is a leading supplier of Test & Measurement Equipments, Metrology Tooling & Instruments as well as Educational Trainers. Our products are distributed in Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia & Myanmar.

Incorporated in 1993, Measurement & Metrology has built up key partnerships with several multinational companies like Tektronix, Sanwa, ED, Kyoritsu & Ametek. Our aim is to build a mutually beneficial relationship to enhance M&M’s brand equity.

As a market leader in test & measurement industry, Measurement & Metrology is constantly creating new frontiers with the introduction of new and innovative products. The Company’s strength in product innovation, stringent quality control and market expansion has created a foundation for continued success into the future.

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