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RESON-Telenav is active in the dredging, offshore, hydrographic, marine, & defense industries of Southeast Asia. The company began its relationship with RESON in 1997 when it was appointed an exclusive agent for RESON. At that point Telenav began promoting the RESON product line resulting in sales of six complete SeaBat Multibeam Echosounder systems to the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore, Fugro Geodetic, Penta Ocean, & others. RESON is a leading provider of sonar equipment & software that meet the most stringent requirements of today's advanced hydrographic, offshore exploration, marine surveillance, & military applications. RESON provides compelling value to its global customer base by offering complete sonar solutions that span the entire spectrum of data collection, compilation, & presentation. With corporate offices in Denmark & a presence in 25 countries worldwide, RESON has been advancing state-of-the-art underwater acoustic technology for more than 25 years.

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