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About Wedding Acts Pte Ltd
Established in 2002, we are the go-to experts for truly unforgettable weddings. We are the first wedding planner to create Singapore's very first 'Lord of the Rings' wedding in 2004. Some of our other achievements include the following:

2006, Maldives: wedding decorators for a dream wedding with a decorating budget of SGD$150,000, the first and only Singapore wedding planner to be engaged in such an overseas wedding decorations project. more details... 

2006, Singapore: nominated for Spirit of Enterprise for our inspired creations and entrepreneurship.

2007, Phuket: appointed planner for a destination wedding on a private island off Phuket; hosting more than 80 guests with over three days of events and activities. more details...

2007, Singapore: designed the first-ever Transparent Hexagon Marquee wedding set-up, which was subsequently adapted by others. more details...

2008, Bali: destination wedding in Bali for 120 guests with over 3 days of events, inclusive of a golf tournament, at 3 different sites. With Laura Fygi providing the most romantic of soundtracks live. more details...

2009, United States: awarded the designation of Professional Bridal Consultant by the Association of Bridal Consultants.

2010, Singapore: consultant to the Research & Development team of Mediacorp for the production of the drama series “New Beginnings” in Channel 8. 

United States: appointed as Country Director for Association of Bridal Consultants (Singapore).

So, no matter what your wish is, you can fly away to your dream wedding with Wedding Acts.

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