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API 7K Rotary Drilling Hose

Fireproof BOP hose is used in crisis working conditions primarily. It is often used to control hydraulic pressure of BOP (blowout prevention) in the drilling process. It is also used for the hydraulic transmission in the metallurgic and exploration industry at high temperature and in the flammable places. It is fire-resistant, so it can work well at high temperature. It can perform well for 6 minutes under the temperature of 1093C, and it can work for 25 minutes at 750C under working pressure (5000psi - 10000psi).

The property of fireproof BOP hose:

Work well in high temperature.
Excellent abrasion resistance.
Light in weight.
Weather and ozone resistant.
Very good bending property at low temperature.
Long service life.
The details of fireproof BOP hose:

Inner tube: oil-resistant synthetic rubber, mainly nitrile rubber.
Reinforcement: four or six high-tensile steel spiral reinforcement.
Hose cover: oil and fire resistant red cover.
Inner diameter: 6.0mm - 51.0mm.
Outside diameter: 26.0mm - 79.4mm.
Working pressure: 35MPa (5000psi).
Minimum burst pressure: 140MPa (20000psi).
Minimum bend radius: 150mm - 700mm.
Operating temperature: -40C - 121C.
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