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The Steerable Pipe Inspection Camera Offers Easy Access to Diagnose Problems down the Pipeline

Inspecting drain problems is a difficult task as you cannot track down the exact location of the problem area with the naked eye and have to disassemble the piping system to diagnosis the problem. But to put a check to this problem you can now find drain camera being offered by reliable company like Utilicom that makes the job easy to pinpoint the problem area in a drain with the help of this camera that can be easily inserted down the drain pipes using flexible steering unit to make the camera move in different directions throughout the pipe and send images to take appropriate actions to restore the functionality of the drains. There are many models in these steerable pipe inspection camera and you can find one suitable to your inspection requirements to trace the blockages and damages in the pipes without any problem. The cable guided drain camera can easily move through pipes offering wonderful access to pipes, cavities and shifts that are difficult to access manually. This steerable pipe inspection camera can move through different angles and easily locate the problem area for the necessary action to be taken.

You can find the drain camera available in different capacities to function through the pipes varying diameters and offer you the best upright images down the pipeline to locate blockages on the monitor that tracks the camera. With the help of the steering unit it can be easily directed even in the tight ducts to get images of the blockages or damage of the pipes. If you choose the 30 mm meter system it comes suitable for pipe diameters of 40 to 150mm and curved from DN 50mm/87 degrees. The camera is of C.27 and is made of V2A with water proof 4 bar, 3mm light LEDs, 150 degrees flash angle, focus depth of 3cm, , glass fiber rod with cable 5 mm/ 30m etc. You can find the technical details from the company portal to make the right choice that best suits to diagnose the drains that you intend to inspect. The device also comes up with available options like meter counter with fade in the picture, location transmission, data entry in various languages about meter insertion, built in rechargeable battery that optimises the performance of the steerable pipe inspection camera. The cameras are swerve able and endlessly rotatable for the inspection of walls and inlets pipelines and drains without much efforts.

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